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  • Sourcing Engine
  • Assessment Engine
  • Training Engine

  • Placement Engine
  • Strategic Engine
  • Support Engine

Sourcing Engine

The vision of this function will be to take away the multiple assessments and provide a world class candidate & customer experience by way of providing the right opportunity for the right skill-set aligning the candidate's aspirations with the customer expectations. The engine will have well-qualified professionals who will take care of the most important metrics & parameters at the time of selection eg yield & attrition in addition to the qualification.

Assessment Engine

This engine aims at reaching out to the candidates in the remotest of locations and assess them for the skills that they bring & look for employment fitment skills. The vision is to understand the customer needs and customize assessments to each industry to bring about a standardization in the subjective fields of communicative skills, soft skills.

Training Engine

This engine, by vision is truly the Employment Generation Engine - by far the most important, effective & comprehensive tool to look for and build talent to generate employability across the world. This engine aims to churn "ready-to-serve" & "off-the-shelf" products for all industry sectors - ITES, retail, IT, banking, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, hospitality, aviation - to name a few.

Synchroserve aims at building very specific content, resources for the specific industries - worldwide.The engine will groom potential talent using a "multi layered methodology" & "experts driven" training delivery. The training is an "end-to-end" solution which ranges from basic communicative skills & soft skills to professional etiquette to experiential training with assessments & basic computer skills woven around to make it a holistic training approach with built-inprogression analysis to make it specific to the individual moving with the "Individual As A Batch" (IAAB) concept. The end-objective is to meet the customer demand by way of giving top quality & "just-in-time" resources & services with an improved yield which will in turn save cost & time & resources for the candidate & corporate organizations.


Placement Engine

The service will provide the right employment opportunities to candidates who are looking for placement. Care will be taken to match the skill-set of the individual to the skill-set of the industries and maintain a steady supply chain for the corporates.


Strategic Engine

This specifically designed engine is to target the all the long-term initiatives driven by the countries world-wide vis-à-vis state governments, campuses and the corporate sectors focused at employability which increases the economic strata for the countries. Our organization understands the need & the intent and wishes to join hands in all these well-meaning initiatives.


Support Engine

The aim of this engine is to drive maximum productivity & customer centricity through customized training delivered by Subject Matter Experts. This product will supply readymade expert trainers to enhance the productivity in the processes. This focuses on quicker resolutions showing presence of mind by way of better expression. The idea is to give high quality service to the customers with revenue generation & customer retention as short-term and more business as the long-term objective.